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"The ready accessibility of the type", "The disposition of the type with upturned faces, so that they are perfectly accessible for cleaning,"


On the oz.Typewriter article, I've found some passages that say as on this title above as follows.

Some say the ready accessibility works for cleaning.

Those and maybe the kind of up-OR-front-strike typewriters of those days might seem sometimes got trouble on their type-bars like "broken" as follows say. And that time, the "ready accessibility" works, also, maybe?



June 8, 1895.J Scientific American. p.357

The "Daugherty Visible" Typewriter.

We illustrate in our present issue the "Daugherty Visible" typewriter. a machine which in many ways upholds the makers' claim that it is unique. The disposition of the type with upturned faces, so that they are perfectly accessible for cleaning, the arrangement of roller and carriage by which the writing can be seen by the operator, the very characteristically soft and light touch of the keys. and the minor details which cannot be described within our limits, mark as many innovations on the mechanism of the ordinary class of typewriters.


Fig. 2 shows the keyboard and type bars, all of which come out as shown in one part. The removal involves not the least trouble, being only the work of a minute. It is obvious that this gives great facility for cleaning or getting at any trouble that may exist.

When in the machine, the type lie exactly as shown in Fig. 2, so that their faces are exposed for cleaning.

The ready accessibility of the type cannot be too strongly emphasized.


The easy removal of the entire type action is specially to be commended, as this makes it possible to remove the action in case any of the type are broken and to replace it temporarily by a new one until the old has been repaired.


Friday, 5 August 2011 Robert Messenger

On This Day in Typewriter History (LXXVI)



oz.Typewriter: On This Day in Typewriter History (LXXVI)

No battle between front-strike machines: Daugherty( =>Pitsberg ) vs. Underwood on keyboard-layout


No battle between front-strike machines: Daugherty( =>Pitsberg ) vs. Underwood on keyboard-layout

Daugherty had original layout? No..

No no, It's Prouty or something..

https://www.google.com/patents/US389854 Prouty

US389854A - Type-writing machine - Google Patents


front-strike 機は 本格的には QWERTYと 戦わぬままにタイプライターに参入したってことかも?

Daughertyは なぜ オリジナル配列を採らなかったのか? Underwoodと同じアイディアか?

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