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What is this machine? Caligraph? or Century hogehoge or other...


Dear Mr. Robert Messenger, to the auther or editor of oz.Typewriter and to the readers.

Wouldn't you name the machine on Parkinson's paper:"The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard: Forty Years of Frustration" ?

  • This machine seems to have space-bar at the side of the keyboard.

The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard: Forty Years of Frustration, by Robert Parkinson, Missisauga, Ontario

From Computers and Automation magazine, November, 1972, pp. 18-25

    • この挿入写真というかイラスト? 右サイドにあるのはスペースキーか? カリグラフ?にしては段数が少ないし 奥行きも乏しい、
    • (in English:) This inserted photo or actually a drawing.. On the right side of the keyboard, is it a space-key? Then Caligraph? If so, too few rows and less area in front of the keyboard, though.
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key or typehead of typebar or arm, in Parkinson - QWERTYの史的とぐろ?raycy - qwerty-history-jpグループ

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